"Commercial Gas Detector"


Gas Detector

TrueSafe Commercial gas detector is designed for detection & early warning for gas leakage from cylinders or through pipelines. This wall mounted unit is compact and designed for low cost domestic applications as well as commercial applications like hotel kitchens. It can be used in dusty and moist environment. Detectors are available for LP, Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide & Refrigerant Gases. We have Noticed that customers used Gas Leak detectors designed for residential, in hotel kitchens, restaurants, parking (Also in residential parking). This is highly not recommended

General Feature List

* Features are indicative and may not be available in each model.

• Dust proof & Water Splash proof – IP65 Enclosure
• Replaceable Filter
• Only Commercial Detector available with LEL Bargraph
• Bar graph & LED indication
• Response Time (< 2Sec.)

Carbon Monoxide Gas Leak Detector for Car Parking

Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector for Battery Rooms

LPG Gas Leak Detector for Hotels/Pantries

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector for Cold Storage

Ammonia Gas Leak Detector for Waste Water Treatment Plants