"Line-type heat detector (linear sensing of temperature)"

Line-type heat detector

(linear sensing of temperature)

Design and function The SecuriSens d-LIST system is based on acquiring data from numerous temperature sensors that are integrated in the SEC 15 sensor cable at regular intervals. The system measures both the actual heat temperature of the surroundings (convective heat) as well as a fraction of the infrared irradiation (radiant heat). Thanks to these properties and a polling cycle of 10 seconds, the response time of the line-type heat detector is extremely short. The intelligent cable terminal processor evaluates the measurement data and determines instances of alarms or pre-signals based on the specific programming. The «d-LISTp800» PC software is a flexible programming environment that makes it possible to program the cable terminal processor easily according to the project-specific requirements. The programmable relays, whose availability depends on the cable terminal processor, can be used for actuating the necessary systems in the event of an alarm or fault.
Thanks to its excellent resistance to extreme environmental conditions, the SecuriSens d-LIST is used wherever conventional point detectors are not able to guarantee optimal protection and where precise detection is necessary.
Typical applications include:
 • Cable and supply tunnels, e.g. in power plants and heavy industry
 • Car parks, vehicle silos
 • Cold stores
 • Industrial object protection, such as in conveyance systems and production lines
 • Underground stations and tunnels
 • Hollow floors and false ceilings
 • Incineration plants, disposal operations
 • Saw mills, agricultural sectors
 • Open loading platforms
 • And many other special applications